The journey, not the destination.


Onestar is the tenth Leader of BearClan- successor of Birdflame, and yet to be proceeded.



Sprucebloom is a stout and appealing tall tom with a king blue main coat and chocolate brown under pelt and full ears. Light grey spotted tabby markings can be found all around his body. His pelage is rather medium long yet he has lots of fur around his neck and tail. He has deep, cold blue eyes. Sprucebloom has a series of scars around his left hind leg, on his right shoulder and a long scar from his neck all the way down to his belly. His nose, paw pads, and inner ear tint are soft gray.


    = Pelt

    = Under Pelt

    = Markings

    = Eyes

    = Ears/nose/paws


  • Serious — Despite showing a friendly attitude to his clanmates, Sprucestar is usually in a serious behavior.
  • Honest — Sprucestar won't hesitate to express his thoughts and opinions from his perspective. This has caused lots of trouble with his kin.
  • Cruel — He is egoistic and merciless on those who he finds annoying, traitorous, defrauders or simply the ones who are below him.
  • Charming — Sprucestar is always very delicate with his appearance and health. He avoids any kind of activity that involves getting dirty. He is very romantic,passionate, and lovable. He doesn't show his weakness at all.
  • Narcissistic — He views the rest of the toms and shecats as impotents, strengthless, and weak creatures. Of course, he tries to hide this, but when you reach the end of his patience, he will explode at you. Sprucestar tends to care more for himself.
  • Protective — Beside his negative thoughts, he will protect the ones he consider close and important. He knows what is best at any risk.


Strength — 8/10

Stamina — 3/10

Leadership — 6/10

Hunting — 9/10

Swimming — 2/10

Agiliy — 8/10

Intelligence — 7/10

Herb Knowledge — 1/10

Social Skills — 5/10


Father — Oakshield

Mother — Blossomstar

Brothers — N/A

Sisters — N/A

Mate — Whitesky

Sons — N/A

Daughters — Wrenheart (adopted)


Sprucestar's backstory begins in BreezeClan, his mother was Blossomstar, a beautiful elegant gray shecat. His father was Oakshield, a stunt brown tabby warrior. Both were very strict with his son Sprucekit. Sprucekit couldn't enjoy his childhood with the rest of the kits of the clan. His future was planned by his parents, he was going to be deputy and future leader of the clan. Sprucekit became Sprucepaw very soon. Eaglesky was his mentor, a serious, boring tom who taught Sprucepaw how to fight and how to be a noble warrior. But it was difficult for Sprucepaw to follow the Warrior Code, he didn't wanted those responsibilities, he wanted time only for himself. Eaglesky thought Sprucepaw only cared about himself, he had no future. This affected Sprucepaw's moral, creating a dark self-reproach inside his mind. After a few moons, Sprucepaw became Sprucebloom, he wasn't deputy yet, but he was a skillful warrior, one of the best in the clan, although his parents weren't proud of him. Nothing could amuse Sprucebloom, his life was boring and controlled by his parents.

After 10 moons of his warrior ceremony, Sprucebloom was forced to be mates with another shecat called Bluestream. Sprucebloom wasn't sure of what to think, the other warrior was new in the clan, she had a good reputation around the forest. They both spent time together to meat each other, they laughed, they shared prey, they swam together, and eventually Sprucebloom fell in love with the shecat. Leaf bare arrived, killing various warriors in the clan. Bluestream and Sprucebloom were still strong, Blossomstar sent them to a hunting patrol. While both warriors walked together, Bluestream seemed worried, Sprucebloom noticed her nervous behavior and asked what was wrong. With a deep breath, Bluestream told Sprucebloom that she was expecting kits from another tom that she loved from WisteriaClan a moons ago after she met Sprucebloom. With pain in his chest, Sprucebloom reacted negatively, he raised his arm and scraped the shecat's snout without thinking it. Bluestream yowled in pain for a moment, but then she launched back attacking Sprucebloom, she bit his neck making it bleed, Sprucebloom pushed her away hurting her flanks. Bluestream, attacked him again by the back, both rolled down near the edge of the running river. Bluestream pushed Sprucebloom into the water with her hind legs. The tom was being carried away by the cold water, he hold himself from a block of ice stuck between rocks. He glanced terrified at Bluestream with blood on her face. She jumped on the block of ice and looked down at Sprucebloom with a furious expression. She clawed his paws deeply and sank him into the water again. There was no possible way for Sprucebloom to swim to the surface, his body was carried by the cold water, his blood tainted the water leaving a trail. More than physical pain, his thoughts were damaged too, Bluestream was his reason to live, and now those thoughts were destroyed by himself. He closed his eyes with no expectations to live.

The chirping sound of a hummingbird woke him up, he was still surprisingly alive near the edge of a lake. He looked around, it was an unfamiliar place for him. With a weak attempt, he got on his 4 large paws, he shook his frozen pelt, and walked into the woods, The snow was melting, it was a warm place. He took a moment to fix his appearance under a warm ray of sunlight. The place seemed to be free of predators. After taking a moment to gain energy, he walked into the bushes to find some prey. He followed the scent of other cats. He arrived to a nice clearing covered by snow, he observed a white tom with brown markings, Sprucebloom decided to get near when a voice interrupted him, a brown she-cat appeared in front of him. It was the leader Sunstar. Both discussed for a moment, Sprucebloom explained how he couldn't remember how he got there, he lied about it just to start a new life at BearClan, forgetting the past. Sunstar allowed him to join. From that moment, Sprucebloom promised himself to be cheerful and positive, and to never show jealousy, animosity, or rage to anyone again.


  • His favorite season is Leaffall.
  • He was named with the prefix spruce because of his brown and blue pelt referring to the known shaped cone tree. The suffix bloom because of his beauty and skills.


You know, I have all these lives and I'm constantly around the Clan, yet why does my heart feel so lonely and empty?

—Sprucebloom(star) to Curlwhisker

Without me you are hopeless!

—Sprucebloom(star) to Wrenheart

I think you are forgetting the most important part: I saved him! Thanks to me he is still alive and only StarClan knows why he is here. He is a mistake and I treat him like any other normal kit!

—Sprucebloom(star) to Wrenheart

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