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Otterfoot is a strong, bulky feline. Due to his Norwegian Forest Cat bloodline, he has long thick fur and fluffy padded paws. He has light tabby stripes across his white flank and icy blue eyes. Otterfoot's most noticeable feature are his curled ears, from his mother's side of the family, the American Curl bloodline.His ears are insulated with fluffy tufts of darker ear fur.


    = Main coat color

    = Darker fur patches

    = Stripes

    = Eye color

    = Nose and ear colors


  • Positive Trait 1 - Very caring and understanding
  • Positive Trait 2 - Confident about his opinions
  • Netral Trait 1 - Prefers to hunt alone
  • Neutral Trait 2 - Is unsure of the new religion, the Mantotopha
  • Negitive Trait 1 - Dislikes leading hunting patrols
  • Negitive Trait 2 - Easy to judge a feline


Strength — 7/10

Stamina — 8/10

Leadership — 5/10

Hunting — 8/10

Swimming — 9/10

Agiliy — 7/10

Intelligence — 9/10

Herb Knowledge — 4/10

Social Skills — 7/10


Father —Branch

Mother —Marble (deceased)

Brothers —None

Sisters —Pebblekit (deceased)

Mate — Driftwing (deceased)

Sons — Foxtuft

Daughters —Streamkit (deceased), Koikit (deceased)


Otterfoot started out as a happy little rouge, with his small family. It was just him, his mother and his father. When Otterfoot was around 10 moons, his mother was ready to give birth to his younger sister, Pebble. Otter's father was worried at this time because Marble, otter's mother had been weak and sick and he wasn't sure if she had enough energy to give birth. Otter never knew this and was just excited to meet his new sibling. Sadly, Marbled passed away not long after she delivered pebble. Otter and his father, Branch were determined to keep the newborn alive, somehow. Unfortunately the kit wasn't able to live off of prey and only needed milk. A day or two after Pebble came into the world, she too, was gone like a candle in a rainstorm.

After some time, when otter was about 24 months, he left his father, now that he knew how to live on his own. One day, when his paws were weary and his head blurry, he stumbled upon Bearclan territory and was greeted by Birdstar. After he was welcomed into the clan, he met some of his first friends. They were Driftwing, Coalfeather and a spunky kit who was named, Wasp. After a full life of living alone, Otterfoot is now happy and living a full life with all the cats in Bearclan.


What's Otter favorite type of hunting?

What's Otter's favorite weather?

Who was Otter's mate?

Who is currently Otter's Best Friend?


The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.


Never fight an inanimate object.

—P. J. O'Rourke

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This feline was one of Otterfoot's first friends; After some time she became his mate. Driftwing was the best cat for Otter, they would both laugh and tell jokes with their classmates. Drift and otter were always happy together.