Hollypaw is completely black tom with an orange eye and green eye, long fangs due to a branch hitting the back of his head as a kit and deforming his skull, causing his fangs to extend. He was born with a bobtail and looks more like a lynx then a cat.


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  • Caring - Believe it or not, Hollypaw is very considerate and tries to help in anyway he can when someone feels mad, sad, etc.
  • Kind - He tries to stay as calm as possible and yet he is, we is very sweet and kind to friends and close people.
  • Lazy - This trait is fixable and is currently being fixed. Hollypaw is very lazy to the point he won't get out of his nest. But, due to his mentor, Wasphaze, he's becoming less and less lazy and more driven.
  • Clingy - He loved his family before they sent him away and is terrible at making friends so once he has one, he tends to stay really close to them.
  • Soft - Hollypaw used to be a kittypet and is used to the easy life. This trait makes it difficult for him to adapt to warrior ways.
  • Back-talker - With his coming to BearClan and being deemed an apprentice, his new mentor criticizes much more than he's used to and Hollypaws reaction is back-talking.


Strength — 6/10

Stamina — 9/10

Leadership — 2/10

Hunting — 5/10

Swimming — 6/10

Agility — 7/10

Intelligence — 8/10

Herb Knowledge — 3/10

Social Skills — 2/10



Father — Quincey

Mother — Mudpie

Brothers — Gravel, Angus

Sisters — Alice, Maggie, Spots

Mate — None

Sons — None

Daughters — None

Uncles — Moose (Fathers side)

Aunts — None

Grandfathers — Hightail (Fathers), Michael (Mothers)

Grandmothers — Ebonystorm (Fathers), Alexia (Mothers)




Hollypaw, once named Pumpkin, used to live in a small Twoleg next with his mother, Mudpie, father, Quincey, and 5 brothers and sisters (3 sisters, 2 brothers). Quincey, once known as Sneezenose, had ventured off very far form his Clan border and ending up in a Twoleg field. He was greeted by Mudpie, one of the cats that lived there. She invited him to stay for a few days and took a liking to him, as did he. They ended up becoming mates, Mudpie growing soft for the tom. Her father took it as an offense and kicked them out of the house. They ventured to the nearest Twoleg house, making that their home. Sneezenose adopted the name Quincey from his new owners. Soon after, Mudpie at told Quincey she was expecting kits and months later, they had 5 newborn kits, Angus, Gravel, Pumpkin, Spots, Alice and Maggie. Pumpkin was the tougher of the group, taking after his father and proved to not suit the kittypet life. His parents sent him off to find a Clan and become the best warrior he could be.


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I may be soft but I can be tough just like everyone else!